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Thursday, July 15, 2004


If the world had no internet and search engines like Google...

1) Cameron diaz ,the overhyped hollywood actress might have not been known to millions of people all around the world,who are dying to learn about the latest gossip about her nude videos circulating around and even searching harder to get to the video itself!

2) So many people would have thought that tour de france was just a tour of France on bicycles,for crazy Americans so passionate about cycling that they are ready to sport yellow strips of plastic even to Business meetings.

3) No one would have known keira knightley and her generosity in going nude for "King Arthur",the stupid reason being "Historically, the Picts and Celts fought naked"!

4) Many would have died without knowing that the word jeopardy is something more than just a synonym for "risk",but a popular quiz show garnering high ratings in the U.S.A!

5) World would had to wait for a few more years to hear the name of jenna bush , probably as a senator or even the president of the U.S.A and not many would have come to know the real facts about this alcoholic girl of the president!

6) Little would be known about irresponsible spoil brats and drug addicts like
eric douglas , son of Kirk Douglas and brother of Michael Douglas who died recently..

7) People would have been fooled by over-priced airlines and would have not had a chance to fly on jet blue flights which offer tickets at 50% of the normal fares..

8) Stupid so-called comedy movies like anchorman might not have been popular among the crazy movie crazy masses.

9) I wouldn't have felt sympathetic at people like ken jennings who had to win Jeopardy quiz show ,32 times to win 1 million,while ther were the Joe millionaires and the crazy whores of other Reality shows winning the millions with no use of theirotherwise non-existant brains.

10) Nobody would have known that my company AMD is an ardent supporter of lance armstrong and his foundation for Cancer cure!

Finally,If you are confused as to why I suddenly spoke of such random personalities/terms,here is the reason.
These are the most searched words in Google for the past week,all around the world : http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html

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