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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blog skill?...Blogs kill!

This is an example of how Blogs kill !
This person lost her job from Friendster and the reason behind her termination seems to be "Blogging"!
In one of the papers,quoted in her write-up,she has brought up an important issue of how blogs might change a person's life.An hawk-eyed employer could check his worker/jobseeker's credentials over the internet and if he finds him or her to be a jerk,I guess that could be the end of the poor little guy's hopes!
Well,such incidents really do serve as eye-openers once in a while.Just because ones got the capability to comment/speak on a public domain,doesn't mean he or she can go overboard and exceed the generally accepted internet ethics!After all,not everything is fun and not everyone can escape with everything!Insanity needs a sanity check!


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