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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Orkuttans and Orkutties..

With the mundane life not even offering an iota of individuality,zeal and enthusiasm to the lives of this current generation's peppy youth,the next generous contraption that the wonderful world of internet(read as Google)generously came forward to offer,next to the revolutionary blogging tool,was the networking/friend making gizmo called ORKUT!

Thanks to google's theory(well..Is it really its beta testing theory/modesty or Is Google not ready enough with storage space and management capability to hit the bountiful masses?)of keeping its introductions to a restricted membership,solely based on references from existing members,this new crazy world of Orkut initially,did not get the much needed recognition among the net-crazy masses,which lent it a few months of much necessary aroma and flavor,which always attracts the masses.But then,nothing in a public domain could remain in secrecy for long and thus it stands where it is now : Orkut - yet another crowded system which is gradually losing all its steam.The initial trend set by it is not helping it to sustain itself and its slowly starting to lose its charm due to the clunky nature of its webengine.

What seemed to be amusing in the beginning,is now starting to get onto one's nerves.Yeah!I am talking about the screen which says "Sorry!You can't have the donut!" or some crap to that order!The height of irritation is the appearance of this screen around a half or sometimes even a full minute later from when one types the username and password in.

The most recent addition to its helplessness is a blank screen,which pathetically cries in the username/password area : "Orkut is under development!Please visit later".Coming from a major player like Google,it was the last thing one would expect.But the question is..Is Google under-estimating the internet population or the number of overzealous people unfathomable that they go to the extent of crazily creating 4 Gmail ids and 3 orkut profiles?Yeah!Again that isn't exageration!I know of guys who have 4 different Gmail ids and take pride over their act of stupidity!

Now lets say one successfully entered the Orkut diaspora after a couple of diehard attempts!What is it that is there inside that is so refreshing?The first five or ten times I logged into Orkut,I was fascinated by the novel approach of sharing information;wonderfully laid communities;very vividly portrayable profiles;excellent search options and an endless opportunity to keep oneself abreast of news/activities pertaining to very specific interests!

But thats it!My initial enthusiasm to log in has ended now and why is that?
These are some of my observations(Of course,as always,these may not be acceptable by many!But then its my views and the last thing I expect is someone takin it personal and trying to point a finger towards me!)

1)I found that its yet another online gathering of already known friends!
2)People making friends just for the sake of Orkuting(Yeah..1 more term gets added to the likes of googling)
3)Orkut is just another easy tool for the Orkutans to go after the Orkutties!!Its a haven for the stupid voyeurs and desperate guys!
4)Most of the girls' profiles are showcases of their high fundoo nature.Every one of them is supposedly there to make "Business relationships" and boast of their reading habits and music knowledge!
5)The guys' profiles bear the stamp of their pathetic life and what is even more disgusting is the comments that they leave on some of the girls' profiles : "Hey..Found your profile interesting..Wanna be friends?"..Oh cmon give us a break!U morons!
6)Some girls' take pride in the number of such desperate comments!Did they get in just to assess their value among the guys?
7)Then there are these individuals who have some 286 friends in their list!The first thing that comes to my mind when I see such profiles is ;Were these people promised some prize for achieving some big number,say 500 friends;akin to the idly eating or coke drinking competitions!
8)Making friends is an art!Merely adding a few people just for the sake of adding, without even knowing who the other person is,is terribly foolish!When I questioned about it to a girl who had 286 friends,her reply was that she wanted to make as many friends as possible and look out for the best ones from it!
Oh Cmon girl!You would make a good Amway or Quixtar professional selling crap in the name of MLMs!

But then,everything has its own pros and cons.I was able to meet 1 old friend from my 5th std in school and chat with some interesting individuals of 1 particular community!I am indebted to Orkut for all that and my continued enthusiasm towards it shall be fuelled only if Google were to make it much more user-friendly and add a dose of stricter moderation and seemless information exchange akin to yahoogroups!

Death to the voyeurs and self-assumed Romeos!Oh..not to forget the dirty dames - U suck big time(I don't know if I intended any pun with the last sentence.But if you could extract some pun/fun from it..Go ahead enjoy!)


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