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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

GOOG Unravelled..

Heres my explanations for the clues that I came up for Google...

1)Engine God ogled endlessly at.(6)
Go'd',ogle'd' endlessly gives Go+ogle = google = engine(search engine)

2)Search the unknown out of Geology Organisation(6)
Unknown out of geology -> y out of geology = geolog.
x,y,z are all the unknown variables and hence unknown in crossy refers to them.
Anagram(Organisation is the indicator)of geolog = google(search = google as a verb)

3)Does the E-log go crazy with its queries?(6)
Elog + go anagram(crazy is the indicator) = google (Its search queries)

4)Engine's logo is 50% Page's Organisation.(6)
50% page = half of page = ge +logo anagram(Organisation)
Direct meaning : 50% Page's Organisation = Google owned half by Larry Page.

5)Search it for egg scrambling tool headlessly.(6)
egg + ool(tool without head) anagram(scrambling is the indicator)= google

6)The french go back and forth confusing the web detective(6)
The in french = le + go og(go back and forth)angram(confusing)= googleweb searcher)

7)Gate's gold goes for a final toss puzzled by web-Page's IPO(6)
This was just for fun.Really is not a gr8 clue.
Gold,goes (final toss) = gol+goe (puzzled anagram indicator) = google (webpage IPO)
Intended meaning : Microsoft's Bill gates losing to Larry Page's IPO = google

p.s: I came up with these for the clue writing contest(CWC)that we have in our hindu crossword yahoogroup.In case you are interested you may join the group.It is a nice forum to discuss the daily crossword grid and other interesting stuff associated with crosswords.

Click to join thehinduxword

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