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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is this the right time to refinance?

Is this the right time to refinance?

So many things go into refinancing.
I have decided to refinance and used some of these tools.

Zillow.com has a nice little mortgage rate chart
Zillow has a neat little "Anonymous Loan request" option which lets lenders send your their GFE after looking into your loan requirement.You need to be logged in to Zillow to use this facility.

Texasmortgage.com has some very useful links on the left panel.

In refinancing 3 mains things to look out for and bargain:
The lender fees and the title company's escrow fees.
Also the home appraisal can be bargained for 250$ instead of the 350-375$ charged for their 1 hr work.

Steven Miller updates his rates daily here

A 30 year mortgage is better than a 15 year one as per this article.


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