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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Oflate I ve been feeling too restless.This has kinda reached the height of emptyness or boredom.I have always performed to the best or worst of my capabilities only when there has been some kind of a motivating factor . During the school phase,I had the motivation to score good marks to get into college.When I entered college,I lost that motivation about marks but then something else motivated me.It was the fear of being jobless after graduation.But then,the thought of an ordinary life with only a B.E degree and a beginner's job terrified me and brought in the motivation of coming to the U.S.The next motivation was the obvious completion of the degree with little spending and gettin into a job.When I managed to achieve those goals,I had developed a new motivation but this time it dint last long.Just as i was under the impression that it would be a smooth ride,I have been forced to hit the breaks..
Right now its all blank and nothing remotely motivational comes to my mind.
breath to live..eat to breath..earn to eat..work to earn..live to work..breath to live!!This cycle sucks big time!
p.s 1 :Thanks to all who empathised and mailed me abt their feelings for grandma!was delighted to hear that my paati was explained every word of what I wrote,by my uncle from the print out of the blogpiece.
p.s 2 :Request to all who fortunately or unfortunately bounced into this public domain :- If u can't stand what I say,just leave ;but before leaving, for a change bookmark/block this site to never visit it again.
p.s 3 :Do not behave as if U ve been paid 5.5$ per/hr daily to visit this blog and don't condescend to unmentionable standards.

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