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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

What my inner voice says about Sonia Gandhi!!!

Well...What a stir she has created in a span of days!!
She created a stir in my mind too..Heres my 'Inner Voice' ;) with some thought provoking anagrams of Sonia Gandhi..
1)I had no gains
2)O!A Singh and I
3)O!India hangs
4)India's hag?No
5)Shanian God!
6)Hindi on a sag
7)A shining ado?
8)As Indo,I hang
9)Doing Ahinsa?
10)As in God?Nahi...
11)Aio!!Hand sign..
12)Gash on India
13)A Saigon Hand?
14)A dashing Ion
15)I hand agoni's
18)Ah!Soda in Gin?
19)Adios Ginnah!
20)Indian 's a hog?

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