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Thursday, September 14, 2006

15 Years Of Internet...

EETimes has a wonderful article titled The online supernova: 15 years of the World Wide Web highlighting the fact that its only been 15 years since Internet was invented,although it seems its been there since a long time.

TechWeb | Image Gallery: 15 Years Of Web Browsers was a nostalgic treat to watch!

I was just thinking whats the internet done to me till now,that has impacted the most in my life..
Had there been no internet...
1)I wouldn't have made it to the U.S
2)I wouldn't have got through my masters..
3)My last 5 or 6 years would have been completely boring and I probably would have end up working in a boring job in some remote place in india.
4)I might have spent atleast 5000$ for communicating with family and friends in India.Can't even imagine sending info through airmails and aiting for 15 days to get to hear back from loved ones.
5)I wouldn't have been able to make a lot of friends that I have made through the years through intereactions in the WWW.
6)Damn..Being a desi in the U.S,I would have had no chance of any meaningful interaction with girls!!!
7)Lastly,it would have been extremely difficult to find my life partner!

Heres my way of tribute to the father of internet - Tim Berners-Lee...
I have submitted an anagram to be included in the Anagramgenius archive

Phrase : "Tim Berners-Lee's world wide web"
Anagram :"Bewilderment E-Browsers wield"


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