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Sunday, September 10, 2006


While this video with the wonderful voice of Enya brings in a feel of gloom,surprisingly I don't feel too bad for America as a nation.They took 3000 lives lost as a justification to kill thousands and thousands of innocent civilians all over the world.Were those 3000 lives much more important than the lives in the middle east or for that matter the lives lost in Kashmir due to America's favorite ally Pakistan killing them mercilessly with the aid of POK militants?

The interviews aired throughout the whole of last week of Dick Cheney/G.W.Bush speaking with the popular TV networks showed one thing very clearly.Both of them stubled beyond words over the link of Iraq war with the war on terror and the linking of Osama Bin laden to Saddam Hussain.

Even a 3rd standard student in the U.S would have figured out the president and vice-president had taken the whole nation for a ride!One wanted his previous employer Halliburton to get projects and profits by starting a baseless war and the other wanted to soar his fathers and his Middle east oil related friends' interests to benefit from the abundant Oil available in Iraq by overthrowing Saddam Hussain.

They were heaping all the blame towards the U.S intelligence - CIA as if the whole establishment was run by a bunch of lunatics who had no idea of what was going on then with the Islam nations and the terrorist activities.Firstly these guys never listened to any of the CIA theories or alerts and then coveniently blame them when its time to take over the real blame on themselves.Bunch of hypocrites - both the president and the vice-president.I was appalled by their audacity to come forward before the public and still keep linking Saddam Hussain,Iraq war to 911.

While the democrats seemed to be averse to the idea of invading Iraq,their promises for the next presidential election seems to indicate that they too are 'for war'!I guess america wants to be involved in some kind of war,whichever party dons the mantle at the top.I saw a documentary where they showed how far the intelligence community and the research organisations in the U.S had gone and had started engaging the latest technologies in the recent wars in Afghanistan/Iarq.A lot of details about the automated weapons and robot controlled bombs was shown,which only backed the fact that U.S wanted a reason to be in war to keep innovating in the field of battlefield technology!

I feel Hillary might get to become the next President.God knows what is in store for America under the clintons again.One thing to be accepted is the charisma that Bill Clinton used to exude and continues to exhibit during his occasional intevriews on TV.Hillary becoming the president might indirectly make him the president-kind for the next few years,I guess.

God save America..While all this going on,there are the real threats to U.S easily sneaking into the U.S with little scrutiny!But atleast they are not crossing some fence or landing on the U.S shores on boats from Rameshwaram.That day is not too far I guess.


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