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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dreamworks Maximizes Storage


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Dreamworks Maximizes Storage

via Inside IT Storage » SSD by Barbara Craig on 6/6/12

With Madagascar 3 being released this Friday, thought it would be of interest to the community to see just how much data is required to produce a 3D film. At HP's Discover event in Las Vegas today, the crowd of over 10,000 was enlightened to learn that:

• Dreamworks has released over 20 animated films worldwide to date.
• Have 10 films in production at any given time.
• And each film takes 5 years to develop.
• Requiring over 400 artists and technologists to create.
• Who collaborate virtually worldwide.
• And together the filmmakers produce 130,000 frames of animation.
• With every frame going through multiple departments.
• Creating a frame that contains hundreds of layers.
• Resulting in half a billion digital files for each and every film.
• Requiring high performance computing.
• With over 200 TB of data.
• For more than 60 million render hours.
• With over 15K cores of computing power.
• Stored securely in the cloud.
• All powered by HP.
For more information, launch the video.


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