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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Testing Blog

I got reminded about my blog. i dont think I have updated it 4 years.
Several things ahve happened in the last 4 years. Dhwani has grown into a wonderful 6 year old kid. She is enjoying her vacation in India.
We have had our 2nd daughter Jahnvi. She is such a bundle of joy. We just love being with her and cherish all her antics. She being the smallest of the cousins gets a lot of attention and pampering from everyone in the family. She seems to be unique as well in her way of saying things or mannerisms. Completely enjoyable.

I have moved 3 different jobs in 4 years. Moved from Dell to Sandisk and then moved to Hitachi Data Systems. Shwetha has moved from VMWare to Cadencc.


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