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Monday, October 23, 2006

Diwali..The thala diwali

Its thala diwali today and I don't know what to answer people when they ask 'How did you celebrate your diwali,that too your thala diwali?'.
Its just another day in the U.S,the only change being the good food that my wife cooked and the evening gettogether at the local ISKON like temple called Barsana Dham,where the entire Desi population of Austin seemed to have assembled.The prasad dinner at the temple was decent and then we had a good time chatting with our regular group of friends,occasionally meeting some of those long forgotten friends.
The new dress factor attached with Diwali was also adhered to,thanks to the 3$ T-shirt from OLD NAVY which had the picture of lord Nataraja dancing.When I had decided to pick that T-shirt few weeks ago from the most visited section of the OLD NAVY,namely the 'CLEARANCE' section,I had a hunch that it would have been manufactured at India and I wasn't proved wrong.
Then we watched the movie - 'The departed".It was an okay movie.I thought it would have a thicker plot and thrilling screenplay.It ended up being a simple plot.Jack Nicholson was at his usual best and all other actors too performed admirably.
So,thats the end of thala Diwali - the one which never matched any of the diwalis I had ever spent in India.

A quick cheeky anecdote..
My sister exclaimed on the phone(thanks to Yahoo's benevolent gesture of free fone call to inda,I was able to talk for hours together with my family and friends)...

"Dei..This time Thala-diwali???"
I said..
"hey..this time Thalawali-di!!!"

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