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Monday, November 03, 2003

dallas trip

On the night of last friday,I went to 6th street in austin to take part in the halloween fun.People were dressed in wierd costumes and went in a parade like fashion.It was fun to watch those wierdos.They contributed significantly to the "Keep austin wierd" campaign.
Then ,then next morning,I went to Dallas with my friend.Had a great time there at UTD frends's house.
Went to a buddhist restaurant which was run by some wierd cult.Then went to the movie "Pithamagan".It was a stunning performance by Vikram,surya,Laila et al.Full marks to the director Bala for churning out some great classic movies like sethu.
Vikram had no dialogue in the movie except for a few rantings.Surya made up for it with his quick dialogues and his comedy was awesome.Laila was so cute as usual ,evoking laughter almost every shot she was in.Upon watching the movie,my quest for Lailatrivia lead me to some interesting facts : Laila is a goanese girl.She speaks english at home.She has lost weight recently.She learnt ballerina in the London school of dancing.She is a graduate-B.A.She likes Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan.She would quit acting upon getting married:((!!
On the whole,the movie was worth a watch.No doubt every actor in the movie would be deserving some award.
Went to a temple in Dallas.Had some great free food.Back at austin now and the whole boring week has just begun.
Now that I ve landed into a fulltime job,I have taken it up as my hobby to help my friends find jobs.I dont know how far I would succeed,but even If I could help one guy,I feel its a great achievement!

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